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Document Management Package

Document Management Package

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Communications PackageOur Communications Package plus


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This Putty Package gives you the power to


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take control of your documents anywhere


this Putty Package offers you document management compatible with all devices, on or offline



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manage large data volumes

 —  this Putty Package offers you optimal connection speeds with intranet-based infrastructure
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securely share with anyone

 —  this Putty Package offers stringent security to mitigate leaks and liabilities

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take charge of your documents

 —  this Putty Package offers an easy-to-use, integrated file management solution so you can make the change to a paperless office



Peek inside this Putty Package


Building on the connectivity of the Communications Package, Claydata's Document Management Package adds superior document management capabilities to keep your organisation on track in and out of the office. Two additional platforms, PuttyShare and PuttyBox, provide you with a number of novel ways to securely share files. A suite of complementary applications facilitate report generation, document storage, and customisable file management systems. Alongside these products, you can take advantage of two Claydata gateways, PuttyData and PuttyPACS/FTP, further extending your document management and sharing capabilities.




Got a gap in your practice? Plug it with Putty.


Problem: I want a document management system that is not merely standalone but integrated with my entire systems management practice.



Problem: We’re facing bottlenecks due to high network traffic.



Problem: We need to be able to handle high-volume transfers of large files and documents.



Problem: We need to maintain a document management system that responds to the complexity of our organisation.



Problem: We need a simple way to archive all our files.



Problem: We need to be able to securely share files amongst ourselves and with a range of clients.





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