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éScripts™ and MIMS drug database integration

éScriptsA script should be a quick and simple thing, and most of the time it's both. But have you ever found yourself faced with a mountain of repeats, or caught yourself thinking that there's got to be a better way to pump out standard scripts without sacrificing clinical integrity? Claydata® has the answers, and invites you to ponder one more - can scripts be transformed from so much paperwork to dynamic pieces of data actually useful to your practice? Read on or check out the éScripts tour to see the app in action


MIMS OnlineIf you're frequently frustrated by the process of prescription, we know how you feel, and have crafted the perfect solution for you in éScripts™, the prescription application included in Claydata®'s PuttyHealth™ suite of e-health software. This easy-to-use, time-saving tool gets a powerful kick from full integration with MIMS, Australia's leading private medication database. With MIMS at your fingertips, you've opened your medication dossier to governmental databases such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration, pharmaceutical indices, and cutting-edge research communities.


With serious data-power as its backbone, éScripts™ presents itself as possessing all the functionality you'd expect from your EMR software. But éScripts™ takes e-prescribing a step further with its advanced data management capabilities. Real-time keyword searches are indexed against the exhaustive MIMS database, so you can quickly pull up the med you need with all the speed and ease of a Google search.


Plus, three levels of alerts ensure you don't miss a step - because speed and simplicity should never sacrifice safety.


  • General drug warnings from MIMS' up-to-the-minute database.
  • Drug-drug interaction warning from MIMS, cross-indexed with each patient's medical history and your own clinical opinions.
  • Drug-disease interaction warnings from MIMS, again cross-indexed against your patient's medical history and your clinical opinions.

This way, éScripts™ interacts dynamically not only with MIMS' comprehensive datamine, but also with éHistory™, PuttyHealth™'s medical history application, and with éOpinion™, a compendium of your qualitative assessments based upon your medical expertise and experience. Have a patient that is allergic to penicillin or taking a dangerously interactive drug? éScripts™ will alert you. Have decided against prescribing a certain drug under certain circumstances following a negative clinical experience? éScripts™ will remind you.


éScripts™ also offers the unparalleled ability to segment your clinical community and analyse your prescribing. You can track all the prescriptions issued for a single drug, or examine all the meds prescribed to those in the 65+ age bracket, for instance. If you're faced with the bewildering task of tracking and represcribing twenty nursing home patients' medications, for example, éScripts™ will automatically schedule and alert you each time an individual's - or a community's - prescriptions are due for a review or a repeat. And, if a repeat prescription is in order, no need to write it up again (or rummage through records to find that prescription your patient couldn't remember the name of). With each patient's prescribing history easily viewed in summary, one click of a button and your repeat has been issued and your patient's éHistory™ updated.


What's more, hook éScripts™ up to PuttyShare™ Claydata®'s safe and secure data sharing platform, and you can send your prescriptions to your friendly local pharmacy electronically. Going even further, éScripts™ has the ability to interact with your chosen online dispensary - a boon for remote patients or those with mobility problems, and simply an incredible convenience across the board.


éScripts™ keeps prescribing the way it should be - with a simple interface holding powerful data management under the hood, éScripts™ is a speedy solution to prescribing, tracking, and represcribing that always respects the safety of your patient and the integrity of your practice.